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About Dr Matthys M de Kock

Dr MM was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. He comes from a family in business (farming, hospitality), banking, politics and law.

He is a ‘retired’ medical consultant (dermatologist) and businessman (farming and hospitality) and presently serves as a pro deo H.O.P.E. Life - Leadership - Liberty consultant & coach under the umbrella of the GG World HOPE Foundation.

He is blessed and happily married to his wife Lorraine whom he met more than 50 years ago. They have three happily married children and eight very special grandchildren. Like all families, they are all maturing in their relationship with the Lord and continually working on improving their vertical relationships with the Lord and on their horizontal relationships with one another and those outside the family.

At a birthday party in December 1977 Dr MM was asked the question “will you go to heaven or to hell if you should die today?

His answer “I hope to heaven” revealed to his questioner that Matthys was not 'born again' in his spirit.
The reply, "You will go straight to hell if you should die today!" he got shocked him,

Like Nicodemus it was important that Matthys should also: 

  1. HEAR the words of Jesus "unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of heaven" John 3:3.
  2. UNDERSTAND that his religion and eldership position in his church would not enable him to experience a touch of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven and go to heaven in the future. 
  • MAKE A DECISION to replace his religion with a relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. and
  • REPENT & ACCEPT JESUS as his Lord and Saviour and in so doing become a Born Again prince of the richest & most powerful Royal Family in the universe!


In 1985 when his children were between the ages of 4 and 10 another friend challenged him with his ‘bucket list;
“What will you do with your last six months of your life?. Make a list of the things you would focus on?” 

One of his goals on his six months list was to write a ‘Stop & Think discussion letter’ to his children about:

circle life

THE SEVEN PARTS of their Whole Life Wheel became his priority:

1. Personal Relationship with God through Jesus in the centre!
2. Personal Happiness & Health, 
3. Marriage Harmony, 
4. Famly Unity, 
5. Financial Freedom, 
6. Work Fulfilment & 
7. Community Peace & Prosperity 

The ‘DISCUSSION LETTER’ to his children has given birth to:

  1. The publication of POWER 2000 – A Life of Stress Free Success’, which promotes positive F-D-C empowerment:
    a. Fact finding & thinking skills
    b. Decision making skills
    c. Consequences of a happier and healthier life for all. 
    god is good    
  2. The promotion of the EXCHANGE the I’s & T’s of God's H.O.P.E. Vision & Plan:    
         i’s = information, ideas, inspiration & innovation
         t’s = time, talents, treasures and especially testimonies
        The reader and student can look forward to and enjoy working together for a better and more abundant life for all peoples across all religious, political and financial barriers.

  3. Invitaions to SPEAK with business, religious and political leaders on many continents in all sectors of society 

  4. Publication of the NEHEMIAH TORCH: a Life – Leadership- Liberty discipleship manual

  5. ‘STRESS FREE LIVING – despite Trials & Tribulations SEMINARS

  6. The GG World HOPE Foundation to initiate, facilitate and promote various: 
    a. H.O.P.E. Life – Leadership – Liberty THINK TANK Coaching & Coaching Programs and Conferences
    b. H.O.P.E. Property - People - Project development initiatives
    c. H.O.P.E. 'N-E-W-S' Programs with the view to: 

                Network - Empower/Encourage - Winners/Warriors who - Set Free capitives from Satan & Stress 

Dr MM’s main PASSION & PURPOSE is to lift up:

1. The Good Father God in heaven.

2. King Jesus, the Super Star of History, Who will draw all men (male and female) to Himself

3. The Holy Spirit sent by Jesus to be our Helper

4. The Holy Bible Word of God

5. The Lord's "Our Father’s H.O.P.E. Prayer" in Matt 6
    Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dr MM desires to trust & obey God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and as a result see more and more people: 

a. TAKE HANDS across all class, cultural, church, religious, political and economical barriers

b. BECOME a trustworthy H.O.P.E. ‘POSTMEN’ & “SIGNPOSTS‘ for God who in turn will .. 

c. DISCIPLE many other ‘Postmen' & 'Signposts’ for God's Glory!

'POSTMEN' who deliver THE MESSAGE of Great Joy about a Good King who came to restore Heaven On Planet Earth!

'SIGNPOSTS' who point:
… TO A Good & Great God,
...  TOWARDS God’s H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Vision & Dream and also to Heaven itself and 
...  AWAY from Satan's Hell on Earth and especially away from hell itself!

Dr MM is EXPECTANT and PASSIONATE about F-D-C (Facts-Decisions-Consequences) and about the fact that:

1. God’s H.O.P.E. Dream - Heaven On Planet Earth will eventually be realized.

2. Every citizen, community, city, country and continent and their leaders on earth have a free choice to make a decision about whether they wish to BE THE TARGET of God’s love, forgiveness, blessings and abundant life here on earth and eventually in the here-after OR NOT!

3. The present leaders of the judiciary, police, army, media, educational, religious, business and non-profit organisations who:
    a. Turn a blind eye to the present unjust political and financial systems
    b. Tolerate “legalised theft” and an “unjust financial system of slavery”

    will eventually be replaced by Moral Servant Leaders who will:
   a. Abolish the present unjust political and financial systems and 
   b. Replace it with a just “free and fair for all” financial and political system

4. “Prevention is better than cure” and “treating the cause” is better than treating the symptoms”

5. We all have a FREE CHOICE to face the Facts and make our personal Decisions as to whether we will:
     a. Repent and turn from our wicked ways of ignoring, distrusting and disobeying God
     b. Return to a good Father God Who created everything for our benefit and
     c. Implement God’s good plans “not to harm us but to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future”
     d. Network and be empowered so that we can bring personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment
         and justice, joy and peace to our families and communities.

Matthys invites and encourages everyone to please be free to agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

God bless

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"... on earth, as it is in heaven"